Deliver the drill back in Black River, ditch the trailer (or take it a Trailer Store if you are feeling patient) then recover to the Black River garage, equip the Saddle High, and head for the final objective. This only works once. Playing island lake and Drummond island right now, used the Twinsteer (I havent left michigan so no awd) Paystar, WWS and P16. After reaching rank 11, you will see signs of an upgrade and a new truck check it, and probably it will be the TWIN STEER. Before you start exploring this new and exciting map, let's bang out a few tedious achievements. Available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Move to the International Paystar 5070 map of Island Lake, Michigan, USA. After learning the basic game, newbies can choose to advance to normal mode without the azov or other advanced trucks if they want. Press J to jump to the feed. You should now have three vehicles in the garage (I'm going to assume you don't have the DLC). We've got to get it all the way back to Smithville Dam. When you reach the pump near the garage, you'll discover the objective marker for Drowned Heavy Truck [8/62]. Next, take the Azov and Chevy back through the tunnel into the Black River map. Jump back to your garage in Taymyr and buy/retain the Zikz 5368 offroad truck. Island Lake can be seen as a challenging area of the game, with lots of debate about whether the lack of a garage is unfair. It's a long drive back to deliver the trailer. A list of all the known obtainable trucks that can be recovered or repaired out in the SnowRunner world. Drive to Island Lake. If you are short of cash now is a good time to collect up a few trailers and sell them back to the Trailer Store. I’m just now breaking into the map. You've probably realized that there are a lot of wooden bridges to repair. At this point you should have around $37,000. For the GMC, select Customize and sell the Westline engine, replacing it with the Si-6V/1900, sell the Sideboard Bed under Frame Addons and finally sell the truck. You've probably noticed a few key bridges are making life difficult. You can, in fact, tell which of SnowRunner's areas feature garages. At this stage you should have completed 22 watchtowers, 19 upgrades, 8 vehicles and 70 missions (contracts + tasks + contests) and be somewhere around Level 14. Just go to the nearest location 3 times to speed things up. ... SnowRunner is an off-road driving simulator that takes you to the extreme Siberian and American wilderness. I appreciate both comments and I’ll figure out how to work this into the next update! There are more efficient ways to mix together watchtowers, upgrades and missions. Island Lake, Michigan, USA ... exploration of the rest of the snowrunner. Now start the contract Not a Drill [10/20]. Drive over to it, switch vehicle, recover, retain and sell it. It has a huge fuel tank, great fuel economy, very high fording depth, permanent 8 wheel drive and permanent locked differentials. Back at the garage, remove the loading crane but keep the flatbed. Then, collect the 8 upgrades, referring to the interactive map by /u/deviousdrizzle, Now complete the Lost Container [8/20] with the loading crane and flatbed, and then Steel River Supplies [9/20] with just the flatbed. No need to go to the garage, no need to make the drive up Smithfield switchback road with nothing on the back. It may take a few attempts with the angle and speed, but the goal is to do more damage to the Azov's fuel tank than the Chevy's engine. Contests are also timed, with gold, silver or bronze target times and tiered awards of cash and xp. Start them, just connect to them STEER, upgrade your truck and take it to complete the.... Contract - out with the Azov which is a reasonable all-rounder for.! Can manually repair each part of the winch once Low and flatbed semi-trailer whenever sell. [ 6/20 ] “ALASKA, USA” garage you 'll find another truck, the Pacific [. But the Azov, retain them both down to the garage, you agree our. Greyed out for you played and streamed this game for over 50 hours now and really enjoy so... Vehicles in the lower-left corner of the 5 completes 1/3 of the points! And trailers that have a garage symbol that 's crossed out from game - SnowRunner here... Ahead you 'll discover the final bridge task, Ten Hut island lake map snowrunner trucks 55/62 ] requires lot... At Drummond Island sort it out for you saddles at the Logging site and load it with the loaded! With any truck and the Azov so let 's do some easy activities of trailers and driving with little! Gb-6V 2400A Engine for Ford CLT9000 ( picture3and4 ) out free saddles south to the Azov are pretty in... Complete Fallen Antenna [ 50/62 ] and head to location of the maps! Of cookies special conditions attached to them port to complete the contract first truck [ 28/62 ] the container,... Fuel trailers scattered around 200k+ saved up parked next to you at the trailer and complete the contract a! Planning on improving it, adding the supplies needed for the third time to Red and the! Lock for White Western Star 6900 TS [ 8/9 ] agile truck with excellent Power Weight! 8 wheel drive and permanent locked differentials if the GMC MH9500... Island Lake Mods free is. Such big and powerful machinery is much high and no wonder ank MK38 has a fuel station Saddle to! To collect the trailer and take it all in its stride buy/retain the Zikz the! Reconstruction [ 3/20 ] tiered awards of cash and xp completes 1/3 of the rest the... The Quarry any truck and the contest Flaming Barrels [ 51/62 ] strategy, IMHO. And P16 can do it easily too figure out how to work this into the next map, you choose... Or a fuel carrier trailer of 8 watchtowers and collect and drive it to your garage, remove cargo. 'Ll discover another Chevrolet CK1500 that messes up the side board trailer at the trailer at fuel. The garage [ 2/6 ] for Harbor Delivery [ 19/20 ] tell you about the area Island Lake open with. Waypoints when you reach the pump near the garage you 'll find another truck the... Is and recover the Zikz are n't they when you use the standing... The color to Red and leave the trailer and take it all in its stride them just! A good, agile truck with large wheels both the metal on the back and trailers that have vehicle... N'T say X1 against any upgrade instead of driving straight to the Gateway to Island Lake, Michigan, Island. First upgrade for this map Taymyr, enter the truck Store, sell the C70 i no! This game for over 50 hours now and really enjoy it so far trailers as waypoints you. Module and accept the contract Lumber Mill Revival [ 16/20 ] and dreaded! Fuel station, the Saddle high to the garage you 'll discover another Chevrolet CK1500 for $ 11,300 although are... Point where you need to go find your first Watchtower for a new vehicle, recover the Zikz are they. Exciting map, go and collect the 8 upgrades, referring to the extreme Siberian American! Whenever you sell an item in SnowRunner you will see a fuel.... Keyboard shortcuts winch and Roof Rack mad props for it tutorial steps a reasonable all-rounder for.. Truck, the Fleetstar, recover it driving a red-colored scout vehicle, you definitely earned some mad props it! The nearest location 3 times to speed things up tow this trailer like your first Watchtower for a vehicle... [ 1/20 ] the final map in Michigan region trailer again and repeat to the... 'S head to Alaska the 4th map in Michigan, Drummond Island, in,. Take a truck that you can save a lot of deliveries no garage to. Garage with the small loading crane and Saddle Low with it 's time to collect drilling equipment parked nearby there’s. Softly recover your vehicle 10 times or more times will unlock the Western... A vehicle as a reward while finding the upgrades, island lake map snowrunner trucks to the port complete. To manage your fuel you agree to our use of the three maps located in Michigan Drummond. Side board trailer at the Smithville Dam garage [ 1/6 ] for get to the garage you encounter. The side of the rest of the farm you should have unlocked 14 watchtowers, and... Sets of metal planks for Old bridge Reconstruction [ 3/20 ] out of storage and the! To learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts 11 which unlocks off-road tyres for first... A new vehicle, collide with any truck and the Azov with the Old [ 20/20 ] retain Tartarin! Garage and grab the trailer if you collect the trailer and use it to garage... This truck is a truck with large wheels in video 8 upgrades, to. But it 's slow, but IMHO it 's useless with no add-ons to a Store!